May 31, 2023
Opioid/Substance Use Disorders | Tea Leaves
  • The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on 17 people and entities based in China and Mexico who it accused of enabling production of counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills, as the Biden administration seeks to stem imports of the deadly drug. The Treasury Department said it slapped sanctions on seven entities and six people based in China, as well as one business and three people based in Mexico. It accused those targeted of being involved in the sale of pill press machines and other equipment used to impress counterfeit trade markings like Xanax and M30 onto illicitly produced pills, often laced with fentanyl and destined for the United States. (Article here)
  • A federal appeals court on Tuesday cleared the way for a bankruptcy deal for opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma, owned by the Sackler family who earned billions of dollars from the sale of OxyContin and other opioid pain medications. The ruling overturns a lower court’s ruling in 2021 and will shield members of the Sackler family from future lawsuits. As part of the bankruptcy settlement, the Sacklers are¬†expected to pay roughly $5 to $6 billion and give up control of Purdue Pharma. Roughly $750 million from that payout will go to individuals across the U.S. who became addicted to OxyContin and to the families of those who died from overdoses. (Article here)