Strategic Planning

Creating comprehensive strategic action plans that help organizations achieve goals and maximize potential

Third Horizon Strategies believes that the bedrock for developing sound strategy is acquiring information and developing intelligence that extends beyond contemporaneous areas of interest. To that end, the firm conducts organizational assessments, data analyses, and market research to create comprehensive strategic action plans that help organizations achieve goals and maximize potential. The plan clearly identifies primary and secondary objectives; analyzes quantified financial scenarios; provides strategic insights and recommendations; and outlines a step-by-step time frame, potential barriers, and strategies for meeting each objective.

What We Do


Organize a framework that establishes specific areas of responsibility and has built-in accountability tools that enable management to track and ultimately reach important measures

Feasibility Studies

Analyze the alignment of an organization’s mission and assets – people, process, technology – to ensure that goals can be supported, implemented, and attained


Assess how market trends, regulations, technology, and policies affect business and clinical operations and recommend operational shifts to maximize efficiency, ensure outcomes, and support growth

Scenario Planning

Conduct research and establish panels of leading market and policy thought leaders to provide differentiated insights that help an organization plan for the future

Lead Contact

Mindy Klowden

Managing Director for Behavioral Health

Mindy Klowden, MNM is a national consultant, leader, and strategist in behavioral health and integrated care. As the managing director for behavioral health, she provides overall stewardship over THS’ behavioral health and community health consulting practice areas and strategy. Mindy also manages client relationships and deliverables, conducts research and policy analysis, and provides strategic consulting and expert facilitation services to state and local government agencies, health systems, safety net providers, payers, and associations.



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