Community Health

Advancing the vitality of all communities through digital and person-centered solutions to strengthen health and social services

A person’s zip code should not determine how long or how well they live. Unfortunately, there is a stark but very real issue today that where you live can have a profound impact on your health. Third Horizon Strategies partners with mission-driven organizations to improve the vitality of vulnerable communities to provide solutions for access to health services, healthy food, quality education, and transportation, and cultivating economic opportunities to improve the health and safety of communities. Through regular research and analysis, the firm also highlights how policy decisions, infrastructure developments, and hospital closures impact community residents and provides recommendations and solutions to bypass negative outcomes. As a founding member of The Health Care Council of Chicago, the firm specializes in convening public-private partnerships that enable everyone to live their healthiest life possible.

What We Do


Support health care organizations, funders, and governmental entities with strategy development, programmatic review, and technical assistance to improve health outcomes 


Cultivate public-private partnerships to develop and implement interventions, programs, and policies to advance health equity and strengthen the economic and social conditions of communities 

Social Drivers of Health

Social Drivers of Health: Partnering with innovators, advocates, and leaders to bring more focus to the root causes of poor health outcomes and inequities in care 

System Transformations

Enhance opportunities for local initiatives, start-ups, and community-based organizations to disrupt the health care system norms in areas of most need

Lead Contact

Tym Rourke

Managing Director for Community Health and Vice President of People

Tym is a health philanthropy and policy professional with over 15 years’ experience in substance use and mental health disorder prevention and treatment, coalition building, policy and advocacy, and civic engagement. He has extensive experience advising individual and institutional donors, community stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and leaders at the local, state, and national level on best practices in behavioral health, and transforming health care systems to improve access and quality.

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Behavioral Health

Enhancing behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery systems of care to improve access and quality

Market Analytics

Unlocking insights from new payer and provider pricing records, along with other data sets, to drive market efficiency and a transparent, patient-centric health care ecosystem

Payment Design

Designing incentive structures to strengthen capacity, increase efficiency, and support high-quality care for individuals, families, and communities

Workplace Well-being

Empowering organizations and their people with services and tools to navigate work and life in the healthiest way possible