Workplace Well-being

Empowering organizations and their people with services and tools to navigate work and life in the healthiest way possible

Studies have shown that an employee’s health and happiness not only increases satisfaction, but also boosts productivity and supports talent retention. Armed with this knowledge, employers continue to invest in new strategies and resources to better support holistic[1] well-being. Third Horizon Strategies helps employers design benefits and programs that address their unique needs and will have the most impact on their employees. The firm’s approach is guided by the belief that an individual needs three key connections to be well – —inside and outside the company:

  1. Connection to People need to disconnect from external distractions (even healthy distractions) and check-in with themselves – how are they feeling physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Too many times, people are taught to push through or tune out how they are feeling, when in fact they need to tune in.
  2. Connection to others. A support network is an essential component to sustaining behavior change. Relationships with others – friends, colleagues, families, etc. – is also one of the essential pillars to well-being.
  3. Connection to resources. This includes benefits, programs, coaches, etc.

[1] the five main pillars of well-being: physical, mental, social, financial, and community.

What We Do

Individualized Coaching and Resources

Personalized coaching, group trainings, and workshops designed to help individuals cultivate self-awareness, enhance performance, and thrive both personally and professionally, resulting in a resilient and productive workforce

Leadership Coaching

Immersive leadership development coaching and facilitation services to help participants gain the skills to lead genuinely and confidently in today’s complex, multi-generation workplace

Data-driven Insights

Harness data to identify emerging trends and develop tailored reports and strategies to help employers build an environment that effectively nurtures employee well-being and aligns with organizational goals

Strategic Guidance

Curate recommendations based on comprehensive assessments of existing well-being assets, programs, and evaluation to optimize organizations’ well-being ecosystems. 

Lead Contact

Stephanie Hildreth

Managing Director for Workplace Well-being

Stephanie provides overall stewardship over the firm’s workplace well-being practice area and strategy. She also manages client relationships and deliverables, conducts research and policy analysis, and provides strategic consulting and expert facilitation services to organizations.

As the previous CEO of Mindful Publications, her passion is empowering employers with tools and resources to transform their culture to an environment where employees are productive, whole, and connected.

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