Health Care

Charting a path for all individuals, families, and communities to achieve optimal health

United States of Care “The Building Blocks of Health Reform” launch event. Photo courtesy of United States of Care

Third Horizon Strategies believes that achieving health is the seminal American institution to drive social connectedness and economic prosperity. Transforming health care demands forming a new social construct that builds systems of care for the common good, prioritizes health equity for all, and removes silos. It also requires understanding how the system works and why it operates the way it does so we don’t keep repeating past mistakes. Third Horizon Strategies specializes in providing a 360º view of complex challenges across three horizons – past, present, and future– to help industry leaders and policymakers interpret signals and trends and chart a path forward that enables all individuals, families, and communities to achieve optimal health.

What We Do

Alternative Payment Models

Research, design, and implement APMs that position clients as core service providers and improve outcomes for specific patient populations


Develop evidence-based practices to ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to access services and be as healthy as possible


Create scalable solutions to support access to care and improve quality of care amid growing Medicaid enrollments and state budgets constraints

Safety Net

Partner with communities, payers, federally qualified health centers, health systems, and policy makers to increase the financial vitality of safety net hospitals serving vulnerable neighborhoods

Lead Contact

David Smith

CEO And Founder

David is an expert in managed care, alternative payment models, and public health. He has established several coalitions focused on these efforts, most notably in the areas of Medicaid payment reform, opioid use disorder treatment, market stabilization, and health care and social disparities.

Explore our other specialties

Community Development

Advancing the health and vitality of our most vulnerable communities


Partnering with action-oriented commercial insurance entities to redesign how we minimize risk and maximize the health of organizations and individuals

Mental Health & Addiction

Promoting behavioral health integration to improve outcomes