June 13, 2023
Providers | Tea Leaves
  • As health care is more frequently being delivered in the home, home health agencies and nursing schools have created partnerships and launched new initiatives to prepare for the growing trend of treating people where they live. Duke University launched a four-year program this spring with a $3.9 million federal training grant aimed at helping better prepare nurses to deliver home in the home. Since acquiring home health firm LHC Group in March, UnitedHealth Group has said it will continue a partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Myers School of Nursing that was created with LHC Group two years ago. Humana-owned CenterWell Home Health, which operates 350 locations nationwide with 10,000 nurses, has partnerships with approximately 50 nursing schools. (Article here)
  • A recent analysis of the U.S. behavioral health market shows that demand for behavioral health services is outpacing available supply, resulting in fewer patients receiving specialized behavioral health care while the total cost of care is becoming more expensive. The trends noted in the analysis suggest that the post-pandemic behavioral health market will likely increase the economic burden facing the U.S. health care system. “Health care stakeholders, including health systems, payers, employers, and policymakers, need to think about the demand, supply, and yield trends influencing the future of the behavioral health economy,” the researchers said. (Article here)