August 30, 2021
Life Sciences
  • Biogen Inc. is offering its costly new Alzheimer’s disease treatment to some patients for free amid uncertainty around whether Medicare will reimburse for the controversial drug. Biogen has begun to provide Florida’s First Choice Neurology with free-of-charge Aduhelm and said it has a number of plans in place to support patient access. While pharmaceutical companies sometimes provide free medications via patient assistance programs, it’s usual for an injectable drug like Aduhelm. (Article here)
  • A New York Times article explores recent headlines about the waning efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. The article discusses why the Israeli study – which found that many Israelis who had been among the first to be vaccinated were nonetheless catching the virus – could be misleading, why vaccine makers have an incentive to promote booster shots, why booster shots may not have a big effect, and how the exaggerated discussion of waning immunity contributes to vaccine skepticism. (Article here)