March 22, 2023
Access & Coverage | Tea Leaves
  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned part of the state’s near-total abortion ban, ruling in a 5-to-4 decision that the procedure would be lawful if there is a reasonable chance that a pregnancy could threaten a pregnant person’s life. Oklahoma’s constitution protects the right to an abortion if “the woman’s physician has determined to a reasonable degree of medical certainty” that continuing “the pregnancy will endanger the woman’s life,” the court’s justices said in Tuesday’s ruling. “Absolute certainty” that the pregnancy will be life-threatening isn’t required, but “mere possibility or speculation” is insufficient, they added. Previously, the state allowed abortions only in cases of medical emergencies, requiring the patient to “be in actual and present danger in order for her to obtain a medically necessary abortion,” the justices wrote. (Articles here and here)