February 22, 2023
Public Health/Prevention | Tea Leaves
  • The dropoff in cancer screenings during the pandemic didn’t result in significantly more breast, cervical, and colon cancer cases, or how advanced those cases were, according to a review of nearly 375,000 diagnoses in electronic health records. The findings from Epic Research could ease concerns about countless hidden cases and more advanced stages of disease stemming from millions of missed screenings during the height of the pandemic. Previous research showed that the decline in primary care visits and routine tests early in the pandemic resulted in a 94 percent decrease in both breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings and an 86 percent decrease in colon cancer screenings before rebounding somewhat in 2021. (Article here)
  • As alcohol-related deaths in America reach record highs, regulators and public health experts are voicing concern over the growing industry for hard seltzers, with companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo introducing new alcoholic beverages to the market. Some experts also have expressed worry that the convenience of the new products could reverse the long-term decline in alcohol consumption by young people. Products like Hard Mtn Dew are made to appeal to a younger audience and tap into consumers’ connection to a brand they’ve known for years. Although the new product is 5 percent alcohol by volume, a 24-ounce can contains the equivalent of two standard drinks. (Article here)