August 3, 2022
Access & Coverage
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report showing that the uninsured rate fell to a record low of 8 percent in the first quarter of 2022. Since 2020, 5.2 million people gained health coverage. Uninsured rates among adults aged 18-64 fell from 14.5 percent in late 2020 to 11.8 percent in early 2022. The largest decrease was seen among people living in poverty and those with incomes between 200 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level. However, 26.4 million people were still uninsured at the start of 2022 and an estimated 3.1 million people would become uninsured if the current subsidies are not extended. (Report here; Articles here, here, here, and here)