September 11, 2023
Health IT | Tea Leaves
  • YouTube on Tuesday announced it is creating a new framework to crack down on medical misinformation on the platform.  The platform has faced controversy in recent years for its algorithm and the way it can direct viewers to misleading and extremist content. YouTube said it will use three categories, “Prevention, Treatment and Denial” to sort the kinds of medical misinformation on the platform. It will remove content that contradicts guidance from health authorities on preventing and transmitting certain conditions, including vaccines. It will also take down content that contradicts guidance on treatments, including videos that tout unproven remedies in place of seeking care and content that denies the existence of specific conditions, including COVID-19. (Article here)
  • Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare has signed up to use the Epic-integrated generative AI solution for notetaking over the next three years. Epic will integrate the company’s generative AI for clinical documentation into its electronic health record (EHR) workflow as part of the tech giant’s new “Partners and Pals” program. That program will be introduced during the company’s annual user conference in Wisconsin next week. The collaboration will make Abridge’s documentation solution available for integration into Epic’s clinical workflows, allowing providers to generate real-time, structured summaries of their patient conversations using AI and ambient technology. (Article here)