April 19, 2023
Access & Coverage | Tea Leaves
  • The Biden administration plans to roll out a new initiative this week guaranteeing free COVID vaccines, treatments, and tests for the uninsured into 2024. The program comes as the White House prepares to wind down its pandemic response operation. It also represents an effort to ensure vulnerable Americans can still access shots and treatments once the government shifts broader responsibility for COVID care to the private sector. (Article here)
  • The Supreme Court is expected to issue an order todayon whether women will face restrictions in getting a drug used in the most common method of abortion in the United States while a lawsuit continues. The Biden administration and New York-based Danco Laboratories, the maker of the drug, want the nation’s highest court to reject limits on mifepristone’s use imposed by lower courts, at least while the legal case makes its way through the courts. They say women who want the drug and providers who dispense it will face chaos if limits on the drug take effect. Depending on what the justices decide, that could include requiring women to take a higher dosage of the drug than the FDA says is necessary. (Article here)