July 13, 2023
Providers | Tea Leaves
  • HCA Healthcare on Monday reported a data security incident where personal information, including patient names and contact details, was stolen and posted online. The data lists could contain 27 million rows of data with information from about 11 million patients who received care at HCA hospitals or physicians’ offices in 20 states. The health system, which is the largest in the country, said it appears the data was taken from an external storage location used to automatically format emails. An investigation led by HCA is ongoing, and HCA said it reported the incident to law enforcement and retained third-party forensic and intelligence advisors. (Article here)
  • A Modern Healthcare article reviews an emerging trend of specialty health systems that are expanding geographically, seeking to extend their brands and referral base while broadening their recruitment reach. Cancer centers like City of Hope, children’s hospitals such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital and academic medical centers including UVA Health have historically been slower to expand than traditional hospital operators, relying heavily on philanthropy and their brand-recognition. But that dynamic seems to be shifting as specialty systems seek broader statewide or national recognition via acquisitions and partnerships. Health systems specializing in treating the most complex patients need geographic breadth since they are dealing with a small part of the population, and quaternary specialty systems need to compete with traditional systems that continue improving their care quality. (Article here)