April 30, 2023

Montgomery County Behavioral Health Crisis System Enhancement Plan

Mindy Klowden

Mindy Klowden

The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/and Early Intervention, in consultation with the Offices of Managed Care Solutions and Drug & Alcohol, competitively selected Third Horizon Strategies (THS) to analyze the local behavioral health crisis system. THS began its work in March 2022 and continued for one year. The project goals were three-fold:

  1. Analyze the current state of the Montgomery County public behavioral health crisis continuum for children and adults
  2. Form a Crisis System Advisory Group (CSAG) to engage community stakeholders and utilize various other strategies to obtain qualitative input
  3. Deliver a county-wide “Behavioral Health Crisis System Dynamic Enhancement Plan” (enhancement plan)

The enhancement plan is the culmination of THS’ work over the last year and builds on the strong foundation already in place in Montgomery County.

Mindy Klowden, MNM is a national consultant, leader, and strategist in behavioral health and integrated care. She is currently the managing director of behavioral health with THS, where she manages client relationships and deliverables, conducts research and policy analysis, and provides strategic consulting services to health systems, safety net providers, payers, and associations.