October 18, 2021
Public Health/Prevention
  • Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that unvaccinated Americans could pose a threat to the country’s progress on the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially incurring a fifth wave of infections. He said that Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine probably “should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with” and that FDA and CDC will likely allow some flexibility for recipients of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 to mix and match vaccine boosters. Fauci also said that families we are fully vaccinated could convene for the upcoming holidays. (Articles here, here, here, and here)
  • The White House announced that fully vaccinated foreign nationals can travel freely in and out of the U.S. beginning November 8. Foreign air travelers entering the U.S. will need to prove vaccination and have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a flight to the country. The existing travel bans have been in place since March 2020. (Articles here and here)