May 1, 2023
Providers | Tea Leaves
  • Nearly a third of nurses nationwide say they will likely leave nursing for another career due to the pandemic, according to a new survey by AMN Healthcare. Some sectors of the health care industry plagued by significant labor shortages during the pandemic appear to be rebounding, but the AMN Healthcare survey suggests a shortage of nurses may continue to be a major challenge for health care providers for years to come. (Article here)
  • A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that ChatGPT may answer patients’ questions with more empathy than doctors. In the study, both human doctors and ChatGPT answered questions randomly taken from Reddit’s AskDocs social media forum. Evaluators preferred the response by the computer nearly 80 percent of the time over the human doctor’s answer. Researchers said that AI performed better because it is not constrained by time the way human doctors are. (Article here)