September 11, 2023
Providers | Tea Leaves
  • A Modern Healthcare article discusses how energy tax incentives and grants from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 could save hospitals billions of dollars. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provides direct funding and tax incentive opportunities for health systems to finance climate resiliency and renewable energy infrastructure projects. The funding is still becoming available, with several tax and grant opportunities rolling out this year. Significantly, the Inflation Reduction Act enables tax-exempt entities like nonprofit organizations and local governments to receive direct payments for qualified investments. The window to take advantage of certain cost-sharing arrangements will close at the end of 2024. (Article here)
  • An article from The Hill discusses how expensive elder care is becoming as baby boomers age. The price of nursing home care increased by an average of 2.4 percent each year between 2012 and 2019, for a cumulative increase of 20.7 percent, according to data from the health research group Altarum Institute. That stems from multiple sources, including personnel costs and the price of adhering to facility regulations. But the cost of care has primarily shot up due to increased demand in adult day cares, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes. (Article here)