Stephanie Hildreth

Managing Director for Corporate Well-being

Stephanie is the managing director for corporate well-being, providing overall stewardship over THS’ corporate well-being practice area and strategy. She also manages client relationships and deliverables, conducts research and policy analysis, and provides strategic consulting and expert facilitation services to organizations.

As the previous CEO of Mindful Publications, her passion is empowering employers with tools and resources to transform their culture to an environment where employees are productive, whole, and connected.

Stephanie has 20 years of customer focused experience leading sales, operations, and customer success teams. Her experience has varied in industry; from e-commerce to SaaS to various entertainment segments. Stephanie considers herself a student of people and business, passionate about both equally.

Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree from Trinity International University.

A few fun facts about Stephanie…

In retirement Stephanie aspires to be a professional matchmaker by day and helicopter tour guide by night.