David Smith

CEO And Founder

David is the CEO and founder of Third Horizon Strategies (THS), a Chicago-based, boutique advisory firm focused on shaping a future system that actualizes a sustainable culture of health.

David is an expert in managed care, alternative payment models, and public health. He has established several coalitions focused on these efforts, most notably in the areas of Medicaid payment reform, opioid use disorder treatment, market stabilization, and health care and social disparities. He is the co-founder of the Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3), a group of Chicago-based health care businesses focused on economic development, system transformation, and social disparities. Prior to organizing THS, David was the chief client strategies officer and a partner with Leavitt Partners.

David serves on the Founder’s Council of United States of Care, a non-partisan initiative focused on expanding health care access, and as the project executive for the Medicaid Transformation Project. He is also on the board of the Sinai Hospital System.

David has a master’s of statistics in econometrics from the University of Utah and a bachelor’s degree in business management from Utah Valley University.

A few fun facts about David…

David’s first job was a computer technician at Best Buy. His favorite place to travel is Disney Parks. If David could have dinner with any three people, they would be Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Eminem.