May 5, 2023
Access & Coverage | Tea Leaves
  • During the period of continuous Medicaid enrollment (February 2020 – March 2023), the uninsured rate in the US dropped to the lowest level ever recorded, but as of April 1, 2023, several states resumed disenrolling people from Medicaid, leading to concerns over coverage loss. States are granted up to a year to begin Medicaid eligibility checks, with Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, New Hampshire, and South Dakota resuming redetermination almost immediately and more states to follow this month. The federal government projects that nearly 17.4 percent of enrollees, or 15 million people, will lose Medicaid coverage. Among children and young adults who will lose coverage, a disproportionate number are estimated to be Latino (4.6 million) or Black (2.2 million), with Pacific Islanders also vulnerable to losing coverage. (Article here)