June 24, 2022
Inequities and SDOH
  • The Health Equity Project, in conjunction with Third Horizon Strategies (THS), Pareto, and Algorex, released the final issue brief in a series on social determinants of health (SDOH). The issue brief¬†explores the impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on health outcomes. A literature review of 32 studies evidenced the correlation between ACEs and increased behavioral and physical health risks in adulthood, including substance use, depression, and chronic conditions such as heart disease. Exposure to ACEs may also result in increased utilization of costly health care services, such as emergency room and inpatient admits. Studies estimate that the direct and indirect effects of ACEs cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Screening and identifying ACEs is vital to connecting patients with needed services and support. The brief outlines several ways states and health care delivery systems can support those who are negatively impacted by ACEs. (Brief here)