February 17, 2023
Access & Coverage | Tea Leaves
  • The Pentagon will allow service members up to three weeks of leave to travel for abortions and other noncovered reproductive health care,according to a slate of new policies announced on Thursday. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin first announced in October that the Defense Department would provide leave to and reimburse service members for travel required to access reproductive health care. The three policies released on Thursday provide additional details and guidance on how these directives will function. (Article here)
  • A New York Times article says inflation and pressing household expenses are forcing some people to postpone health needs. While some people avoided seeking medical care during the worst of the pandemic, worried about the risk of infection or being unable to get an appointment because hospitals and doctors were overwhelmed, now many are finding that inflation and the uncertain economy have thrown up another barrier. Health experts worry that the emerging trend may worsen health conditions. (Article here)