September 2, 2020 – COVID-19 has upended health care delivery in the U.S. and spurred the adoption of technology‑based solutions and platforms. While the exact extent to which care will remain virtual beyond the pandemic, the structural shifts catalyzed by the pandemic will continue to impact the way care is delivered over the coming years. As health care providers continue to implement new digital health services to ensure patients have uninterrupted access to care, they face the additional challenge of guaranteeing that their system can support an increased number of fast and secure connections to thrive in a more digitally-driven environment. Simultaneously, the IT industry will have to certify performance, security, and speed‑to‑integration among and between these various nodes.

Today, Third Horizon Strategies released a white paper exploring potential solutions to the challenges posed by integrating disparate technology platforms and ensuring security and connectivity needs are met amid the burgeoning ecosystem of connected devices. The white paper, entitled “Building a Digital Foundation for the Growth and Rapid Change of the Health System: Secure and Smart Orchestration for an Evolving Connected Care Model,” captures insights from health IT industry experts, outlines five key observations, and discusses technical implications for each observation.

Read the full paper here.