September 20, 2022
Mental Health
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the HHS Roadmap for Behavioral Health Integration (Roadmap), detailing policy solutions that would integrate behavioral health care into the larger health care system. The Roadmap aims to ensure that all people have equitable access to evidence-based, culturally appropriate, person-centered care. It builds on over $200 million in funding to: increase access to behavioral health care services and address health inequities in rural America ($13 million); support 988 Lifeline services in tribal communities ($35 million); address pandemic-related stressors that have increased mental health conditions among younger Americans ($40.22 million); provide new grant opportunities for school-based mental health programs ($47.6 million); and support overdose prevention grants to span the continuum of care ($79.1 million). (Press release here)