October 19, 2021
Life Sciences
  • The FDA is moving toward a policy that would permit U.S. adults to receive a COVID-19 booster shot different from what they initially were administered. According to people familiar with the planning, the agency could recommend keeping brand consistency for a booster shot when possible but would not promote one vaccine brand over another. FDA authorization of booster shots from Moderna Inc. and Johnson & Johnson is expected by Tuesday evening. (Articles here and here)
  • The World Health Organization’s Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator is working to obtain antiviral drugs for patients with mild coronavirus symptoms for as little as $10 per treatment. The program will likely include Merck & Co.’s experimental pill among the offerings. The program’s goals include the delivery of roughly 1 billion COVID-19 tests to lower-income countries and the purchase of enough drugs to treat 120 million patients worldwide. (Article here)