January 11, 2022
  • Each month the THS insurance team, led by Cheryl Matochik, releases C-Notes – a newsletter ​containing key industry trends and highlights. As 2022 kicks off, we are excited about the opportunities progressive brokers and new digital-age players are seizing to put clients at the heart of insurance through business model innovation that create an aligned and proactive market. 2022 will neither be the best of times, nor the worst of times, and business leaders will need to be more intentional than ever to stay ahead on digital transformation, ​health care delivery, and risk management trends. “The wild ride continues, but for folks in this business of assessing, mitigating and offsetting risk, the environment couldn’t be riper for reimagining how the industry delivers the crucial role it plays in creating resilience and financially protecting companies within an uncertain economy.” Read the full newsletter here and subscribe for regular updates here!