September 22, 2022
Inequities and SDOH
  • A new report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association found that minority women are more like than white women to have pregnancy-related complications. The study found that Black, Latina, or Asian women had a higher prevalence rate of several risk factors compared to white women, and those disparities persist regardless of whether they are enrolled in commercial health plans or Medicaid coverage. For example, Black women with commercial coverage or Medicaid were 53 percent and 40 percent, respectively, more likely than white women with the same insurance coverage to have preexisting diabetes. The report offers four ways that insurers and providers can begin to address these disparities: doing treatment plans that account for Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM), offer culturally competent care, make chronic conditions a priority, make prenatal care accessible, and measure providers based on quality. (Study here)