October 21, 2021
Access & Coverage
  • According to a CBO analysis, the Democrats’ infrastructure bill would expand coverage to about 3.9 million uninsured individuals. However, the CBO also estimates the bill would cause a 1-million-enrollee decrease in unsubsidized on- and off-exchange enrollment and another 2.8 million decline in employer-sponsored insurance. In addition, another 1.6 million fewer people would get employer-sponsored coverage “primarily driven by a reduction in offers as a response to the increased subsidies for coverage through the marketplace,” the analysis said. (Article here)
  • Representative Debbie Dingell said adding dental benefits to Medicare as part of congressional Democrats’ social spending plan could be swapped out in favor of a lower-cost voucher program. Adding vision and hearing benefits — both much cheaper than dental coverage — to Medicare reportedly still remains in Democrats’ plans for the package. (Article here)