June 21, 2024
Opioid/Substance Use Disorders | Tea Leaves
  • Members of the House from both parties have formed a new coalition aimed at addressing China’s involvement in the U.S. fentanyl epidemic. Led by Representatives Dan Newhouse and Jake Auchincloss, the group plans to intensify efforts to curb the supply of this deadly drug by proposing stronger sanctions, targeting money laundering activities, and advocating for trade reforms that could disrupt the flow of fentanyl precursors from China. This initiative builds on findings from the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, which highlighted China’s role in subsidizing the production of fentanyl materials. The group’s actions are driven by the alarming rise in fentanyl-related deaths in the U.S., reflecting a broader effort to protect communities and mitigate the profound social and economic impacts of the opioid crisis. (Article here)