June 21, 2024
Inequities and SDOH | Tea Leaves
  • Over the past nine weeks, an exploration into key health care topics has underscored a pervasive theme of inequality that is deeply rooted in America’s health care system, with indications that these disparities may worsen. Access to health care remains unequal across racial, socioeconomic, and geographical lines, influencing health outcomes from birth to death. Disparities in insurance coverage, hospital resources, prescription drug access, and mental health treatment highlight systemic inequities. Emerging technologies and workforce shortages further threaten to exacerbate a two-tiered health care system, where those with means receive superior care while others face barriers. These disparities, reflecting broader societal inequalities, manifest starkly in life expectancy variations tied to race, income, education, and environment, emphasizing the complex interplay between health care and social determinants of health. (Article here)