June 21, 2024
Access & Coverage | Tea Leaves
  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) anticipates a rise in the uninsured rate in the United States over the next decade, with projections indicating an increase from 7.7 percent this year to 8.9 percent by 2034. Currently, 26 million people lack health coverage, up from a recent low of 7.2 percent in 2023. Factors contributing to this trend include Medicaid eligibility changes leading to 23 million people losing benefits, potential expiration of enhanced subsidies for health insurance exchange plans by 2025, and continued immigration affecting uninsured rates. Despite projections showing an increase in Medicare enrollment due to aging demographics, employer-sponsored plans remain the predominant source of coverage. The projected 2034 uninsured rate, while higher than pre-COVID-19 levels, is lower than levels before the Affordable Care Act in 2010. (Articles here and here)