June 13, 2024
Health IT | Tea Leaves
  • Recorded Future, a cybersecurity firm, reported a significant increase in ransomware attacks targeting health care organizations following the cyberattack on Change Healthcare, which disrupted much of the U.S. health care system. The $22 million ransom paid by Change’s parent company, UnitedHealth Group, possibly encouraged further attacks within the industry. Recorded Future observed 44 ransomware attacks against health care in April, the highest in the four years of data collection, with March also seeing a substantial increase. The attractiveness of health care as a target lies in its possession of sensitive data and willingness to pay to maintain critical services. Last year, health care organizations reported the highest number of ransomware attacks among critical U.S. industries. In response to these threats, the White House announced collaboration with tech giants like Microsoft and Google to assist rural hospitals, typically lacking resources, in defending against cyberattacks. (Article here)