Manager, Behavioral Health Research and Projects

Elveena brings over a decade of blended clinical practice, research, policy, and advocacy expertise in the field of Behavioral Health to the Third Horizon Strategies team.

As a clinician, Elveena has worked with culturally diverse populations across the United States. Through her clinical practice, she quickly recognized the role of systemic inequity that taints the field of mental health treatment and prevention. Her curiosity to understand the development of psychopathology in early childhood and her passion to deliver equitable and accessible prevention services to the most vulnerable populations, led her into the world of research. Elveena worked with various reputable R1 universities in the U.S., gaining a deeper appreciation of how sociocultural and familial determinants shape mental health pathways for vulnerable children.

More recently, her passion for social justice and impact propelled her into spaces that integrate policy, practice, advocacy, and research. Elveena has found immense fulfillment in successfully navigating these intersections and recognizing that the interconnectedness of these facets is crucial in fostering a holistic and equitable behavioral health landscape. Recently Elveena has successfully worked to bring an evidence-informed perspective to policy advocacy and program implementation at the local and state levels in California, striving to create substantial and sustainable change in the fields of behavioral health, education, social services, and child welfare. Her advocacy efforts have involved successful collaborations with policymakers, community leaders, and stakeholders at the local and state levels, effectively communicating research and program-based insights geared toward systems improvement.

Elveena firmly believes that system-level impact and change are best achieved by integrating the voices and experiences of those directly affected, especially in advocating for the most vulnerable populations. Elveena hopes to develop accessible field-based knowledge rooted in ethical, trauma-informed, and culturally appropriate evidence-based innovations to support system-level improvements and impact.

Elveena has a master’s degree in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University.

A few fun facts about Elveena…

The last book Elveena read was “They Call us Exceptionals.” She would travel to Vancouver or Austin for a weekend getaway. Three things she would bring with her to a desert island are: satellite phone, laptop with downloaded bravo show reruns, a thermos of chai (her favorite beverage).